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These order of services are just £1 each, a low price but made at a high standard, they are personalised for you with two photos, one large photo on the front of the card and another smaller photo inside. The order of service has been designed in a modern style and can be customised to any colour, we are happy to change the flowers to anything else at no extra cost, this could be different flowers, butterflies, birds, trees or anything that meant something to your loved one. We can include a bit about your loved one's journey in life, achievements and their life story, you can fold any of these order of services after the funeral and place into a A5 photo frame to cherish as a memory of their life, it can be given to friends and family after the funeral as a keepsake. The style and design of these order of services can be changed at no extra cost which means it can be made to suit any age from a child to adult or any gender. The flowers can be customised to your loved one's favourite flowers, animals or colours they liked. At this heart breaking time you need this process of ordering to be simple, made to suit you and shipped quickly, we always strive to deliver what our customers ask us for, we can ship the next day, after it's made and can show you the product before it's shipped incase you need further changes.

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