We get a lot of questions from customers, here are regular questions we get asked with our answers to them.

How do you manage to sell your product cheaper than other businesses online and still have them high quality?
Because we are a small team of people, designing, printing all our pictures in-house which cuts the costs down for us to be able to buy our high-quality stock such as our 100% cotton rolls and strong canvas frames, we work on a lower profit margin as we want to make sure all of our canvas pictures are affordable enough for anyone to buy.

How can I see the size of my picture on the computer?

You can check the size yourself. Mouse over the picture and press the right mouse button. You can see the size of the picture at "properties". Choose "show info" when you are using an Apple computer. You can see the size of the picture in 'kbs' or 'mbs' here. 1 MB is 1000 KB.

I have just ordered and want to see the picture designed before it's printed?
After designing any personalised items we will always email the design to you for you to confirm you're happy with it before we print and ship it, if you do not reply back to us by email, we will try to phone you if we still didn't get an answer after three days we will have to print and ship it.

I have just ordered a personalised item from you but I would like further changes made to the item?
Email us at sales@essexprintingservice.co.uk so we can help you further.

I have brought from someone else online before and have had a bad experience, tell me more about your business?
We care about every customer. We aim for each customer to have a happy experience with us which is why we only buy our stock within the UK to ensure fast dispatch on all our orders. You can always count on our service. We love to offer great value so our delivery is always free for the UK.

Do you do competitions or giveaways?

Please follow our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/essexprintingservice as we do run competitions.

I'm thinking about ordering a personalised design, what size photo should I send for a good result on canvas?

The larger the picture, the better the result, don't send 'screenshots' from your mobile if you can help it, (the best way to see if you have a screenshot is if there are thick black edges around your image when uploading it online. Sending us a screenshot would mean that the resolution isn't as high as saving the actual image on your mobile to your 'camera roll'. If using a camera to take your photos set your camera to the largest possible resolution. In doubt whether your picture is suitable for a good result? Just contact us. We would check this for you for free.

I would like one of your items customised with my own quote or poem, is there a word limit?

Although there is not a word limit try to send wording that is able to fit onto the size you would like it printed on. No matter what amount of text you give us we will always try to fit it on and it will not cost you any extra.

Do you sell bigger personalised pictures?

At the moment we have three sizes in our canvases which are 10 inches by 8 inches, 16 inches by 12 inches and 24 inches by 18 inches and one size in our photo paper that is 10 inches by 8 inches.

What is the quality of our canvases and photo prints?
We print onto semi-gloss photographic paper the results are quality, bright colours and sharp detail in each personalised print. The Semi-gloss adds additional sheen which highlights the detail in all our prints without being too glossy. The canvases we hand make are 15mm thick and the wood is made from pine. They are strong and will not fade as we use 100% cotton canvas and print using the latest printing technology. We tape the back of the canvas frame to protect the wall you place it onto, this provides a protection to prevent any damp.